Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based service that is designed to help meet your organization’s needs for robust security, reliability, and user productivity.

Microsoft Office 365 delivers the power of cloud productivity to businesses of all sizes, helping save time, money, and free up valued resources.

Office 365 combines the familiar Microsoft Office desktop suite with cloud-based versions of Microsoft’s next-generation communications and collaboration services – including Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Office Online, and Microsoft Skype for Business Online – to help users be productive from virtually anywhere they are through the use of the Internet.

When planning for an Office 365 deployment, many things come to mind as the Microsoft Cloud platform offers a vast variety of products and services.

During a discovery phase we will first understand the existing state of your environment, your business operational and security needs to design the exact services you wish to leverage on in Office 365.

A big part of the deployment of Office 365 lies in obtaining the latest version of the Microsoft Office suite. We will help you plan and build a deployment strategy based on your organization’s needs which will be an integral part of the design.

The first step towards Office 365 is the establishment of connectivity to the cloud, as most organizations already have their own Active Directory estate and are providing various services to their users on-premises, we would like to avoid the recreation of such data and objects.

Establishment of cloud connectivity will include installation of the needed servers and services in the organizational network that can communicate with the cloud and replicate the user objects and other data.

We will help you plan and deploy this needed environment and ensure it matches your SLAs.

Getting up to speed with the latest version of office can be quite complicated as there are many factors that may affect the process and create dependencies along the line that will prevent your organization from moving forward.

We will help you bring the designed deployment strategy to life, make sure things are working as expected and produce reports that will help you track the process.

We will track the dependencies and provide guidance on eliminating or mitigating them.

Office 365 comes packed with lots of tools and features that all have the same purpose, securing your network and maybe more importantly your data.

With the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) feature you can easily create conditions that will prevent sensitive business data from getting sent outside of your organization completely or without you knowing about it.

You can analyze your organization data with Advanced eDiscovery and understand what kind of data you have, where it is stored and how sensitive it is so you can take the necessary actions to protect it.

Exchange Online also comes with Advanced Threat Protection which gives real time protection against infected attachments or malicious links, ensuring your users are not opening doors to attackers without prior knowledge.

Protecting your files is no easy task, but with the Rights Management Service available, you can encrypt, validate the identity of the user trying to access the file and enforce authorization policies. This protection stays with your files not matter where it goes.

“But what about Microsoft, they have access to my data right?”. Great question, the answer is No. Microsoft understands the importance you place on keeping your data to yourself so they implemented the Customer Lockbox, essentially a service that prevents them from accessing your content. The only way for them to access anything is if an engineer is working with you on an issue and may need access to resolve it, and even then he will have to be given explicit permissions by you to do so.

We will help you implement these and other security related features to ensure your data and network are completely secured.


You might be thinking that this is a lot to process and how are you supposed to handle all of this, no worries.

We provide training to both system administrators on all operative, maintenance and management aspects of office 365 as well as user training so your users know how to use and make the best out of these new services, keeping everybody productive.