On Premise Solutions

Let us know what you need, so that we may offer you the best solution – for you.

Skype for Business Server supports on-premises deployment of one or more sites that can be scaled according to your availability and location requirements.

We implement Skype For Business Server, giving you the framework for any type of communication your organization may require – text, audio, video, conference calls, etc.

It also features PSTN connectivity, allowing you to ״hop on״ telephone lines and make phone calls.

When deploying on-premise, NeWay helps you not only to in bringing a vision to life, but also by detecting and preventing future risks (disaster recovery support), and helping your IT department and end users to make the most of their UC system.

Neway’s experienced team of integrators will set everything up for you.
We will assess your organization needs, install and configure an AudioCodes SBC/Gateway that best suits them.

We provide AudioCodes Enhanced Gateways for Microsoft Skype for Business that offer direct SIP connectivity between existing enterprise voice infrastructure, Microsoft Skype for Business and the PSTN.

AudioCodes certified Enhanced Gateways for Microsoft Skype for Business provide complete coverage of customer needs with extensive scalability, interoperability and reliability.

The hardware solutions NeWay implements in Skype For Business based UC projects incorporates equipment that has been tested and approved by Microsoft, along with hardware by the world’s leading manufacturers, with which NeWay cooperates. Some of this hardware includes:

Polycom IP Phones
Headphones, cameras, speakers and microphones for Skype For Business environment, made by Microsoft, Plantronics and Jabra
Audio gear by Plantronics
VoIP products by AudioCodes, used for UC and voice recognition
Personal, Skype For Business oriented Polycom endpoints for meeting rooms, video conferences and convention centers

IP phones, headphones, voice gateways, smart screens, web-cams, conference calls equipment, desktop computers and other components are all gathered in order to provide users with the richest experience, to allow organizations to make the most out of the Skype For Business environment and yield the highest payback for their investments

We provide a 24/7 support desk, maintenance services and contract renewals.